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Step 1 - The Quote

Upon an initial conversation about commissioning the portrait a written quote will be provided.  Many variables impact the cost of a portrait painting including size, number of subjects, media, fully body, half body, head & shoulders framing, crating (if necessary to send via freight), or FedEx delivery.    As a general guideline I have provided a Pricing Estimate Guide at the end of this section.

Step 2 - The Consultation

A general discussion about the painting and the subject before work begins is the second step.  The consultation is an opportunity for me to get to know the sitter, their character and personality.  It is a time to discuss what the painting should convey, confidence, playfulness, elegance or a host of many other possibilities.  It is important to know what the painting is about.  At this time we discuss details including style, clothing, dimension and gesture.

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Commissioning a Portrait

A portrait is not only an heirloom quality art piece but also a uniquely personal representation of the sitter.  The work should express more than a mere likeness, but the personality, character and quiet dignity of the individual.  There are endless styles of portraiture by countless artist; formal, playful, modern, traditional, photo realistic, hyper-realistic and the list continues. 


I strive for a contemporary style.  While using many of the techniques of traditional American painter of John Singer Sargent, Thomas Eakins, I have also been heavily influenced by modern painters such as Chuck Close, Milt Kobayashi, Malcolm Liepke, French artist Francois Bard and Austrian-Irish artist Gottfried Helnwein.  Many of these influences have impressed my greatly to develop a style current to the aesthetic of our contemporary culture. 

The Process

There are several steps in creating a successful portrait.  Collaboration with the subject and/or the individual(s) commissioning the painting and myself is vital.  While I may meet the sitter only once or twice, those commissioning the work, typically the family, have the best idea of the sitters natural appearance, personality and character. Every painting should convey more than a likeness, but a theme.  Below are the steps I take for a successful portrait.

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Keith Adams / SPIN Studios
5434 Peachtree Road, Suite 112
Atlanta, GA 30341

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Keith Adams is a figurative artist working in Atlanta, Georgia. 

His body of work encompasses classic figurative and portraiture, extending to social commentary and experimental pieces.  A fusion of the traditional and contemporary, he employs timeless techniques with a modern styling. 


His work has appeared in galleries, private collections and venues including the Kennedy Arts Center in Washington D.C. where he won the NEA (National Educators Association) scholarship prize.


On occasion film producers such as Lion’s Gate Entertainment and Sony Pictures have asked that his work appear on camera. In the 2012 remake of the classic film Steel Magnolias, producers reached out to Keith to have his work fill the home of lead character M’Lynn Eatenton, an art gallery owner played by Queen Latifah.  Several existing pieces were consigned as well as work commissioned for the film.


Keith lives with his wife and two children in suburban Atlanta. 

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